Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to the Mystery Garden

The name might seem odd for a blog. Unless the stories are always about mysteries that take place in a garden-- Herbalists for Hire or Shovel Ready: How to Prepare Undetectable Graves, or Plotting whilst Potting.

Sunday morning is my quiet time, my cup of coffee in my garden time, my journaling time. In most weather I’m in my garden at one or more strategic sitting areas. In the early spring my choices are several but by this time of year, the choice is made by which sitting area isn’t grown over with weeds. 

So what’s the mystery?
1. Why do my weeds mimic real plants and grow amidst them until it’s too late to pull the offensive weed without yanking up my intended plant?  
2. Why doesn’t Preen work for me like it does for the woman down the block with a weed free garden? No mystery there. She tells everyone at the ladies club that she Preens a ton (well, 40 lbs at least) but she hires laborers to come in the night and pull the weeds. It’s called moonlighting!  
 3. Why do I buy white phlox but the next year it comes up pink? I tried to establish a White Garden. It’s pink and yellow now. It’s pretty so I leave it alone.  I’m a laid back gardener who tries to see the intrinsic beauty in the weed not yet appreciated by horticulturists. It helps the guilt of sitting, sipping and thinking on Sunday mornings.

I have thought up plots while contemplating my garden. I found all the poisonous plants in my garden—you would be amazed how many—and researched them.  I used Fool’s Parsley in an attempt to kill a dinner guest in the second book. After that book, no one accepts my dinner invitations.   I’m working on a short story about a turf war between garden fairies and garden gnomes. Mostly, I think about my life and my family. I sketch the gazebo I’d like to have in the garden. I doodle new gardens and dream of free mulch and the people to spread it.

One thing is never a mystery—where you can find me on Sunday mornings. So please, stop by each Sunday, bring your coffee and relax.

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  1. My neighbor is giving me seeds from her Moon Plant which she guarantees has bright, white blooms and a lovely scent. We’ll see. I have a picture of me standing next to my Jimson Weed (poisonous) which mimics the real Moon Plant. In a short story I used the seeds to kill off a bad guy. If you’re coffee drinkers, I won’t tell you how.